I guess I finally got it through John's head that I don't dig him. This man has a hell of an ego. He had the audacity to try and KISS me twice. He must think that since I have been abstenent for over a year, that I am just DYIN' for it! What is it with some guys? If he and I were the last two people on earth - I still wouldn't want to do him.

I'm content in my life without that whole sex issue getting in the way. Sure, a good old fashioned Rogering would be fun - but, then there's that whole relationship difficulty. The arguments, the attention giving, the time taken away from more constructive activities - Who needs it?

I'd rather be a good mom - do my photography - enjoy my friends - cook... Better for me and everyone else.

I am going to spend a quiet day tomorrow. I am reading a good book - "A Painted House" by John Grisham. It's supposed to rain, so I have an excuse to lounge around.


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