I feel sort of like a whiney crybaby. I don't want my mother to move in with us. But, I offerd her a temporary move-in situation. 6 months to get herself together and find a place to go permanently. That's six months I will have to sleep in my daughters room - six months that I will NEVER be alone in my own house. Six months that my child will have to feel stiffled talking to me about things that matter to her - without grandma chiming in some bullshit answer that she has no clue about.

It's not our fault that my mother lives in such denial as to never see the writing on the wall. That when her boss started doing all of the work - she didn't think the end was near. When we would tell her to quit work and find some place else to live - she refused to do anything. So, now, I - who my mother has never put herself out for - except maybe not aborting me like she did my older sibling - will be plopping herself down on my sofa and never moving for the next six months - maybe never.

She didn't even hear the word "temporary". She said that when they raised our rent - we could get a 3-bedroom together. AS FUCKING IF!!!!

I feel guilty for hating this idea. But I do! I feel like I'll never be the same after this. AARGH!!


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