Well, things have calmed down a bit here. My mother has put in an application at the apartments across the street. She seems to have suddenly gotten her shit together and isn't clinging to me so much anymore. That is a good feeling. I'm willing to help, but only to a point. I can pack her stuff, I can help her sell her overage - and there's a lot of that - and I can be helpful in other ways. For instance, we're going to the laundry mat today - because our laundry room is out of order. I can help her schlep stuff. But, I just don't believe the two of us - and my 13 year old daughter could live together.

I also will be moving soon. The greedy witch that owns the building is just about doubling my rent. Everyone will be moving out. I certainly hope she understands that she is effing up her karma by this greed. Oh, well. We will survive just fine. Maybe not in as luxurious surroundings - but overall we will do well.

My ex-husband is getting re-married next month. It is surreal. I was the one who left the marriage - I was in love with someone else. And going thru a pretty rough patch of midlife crisis. So, there's no way I am jealous - however, it's such an odd question to be asking my former husband - where he and his fiance' are registered - because we have to get them a wedding gift. So very weird indeed.

All I can say is that his future bride is a better woman than I am..... He's a nut!

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