Today was a kind of throw-away day. My daughter and I were going to go to Whole Foods for healthy produce, then on to the Psychic-Eye bookstore so she could apologize for her idiot father yesterday. He is such a crazy person - honestly, he didn't do the things he does before I married him. By the time I learned of his insanity, it was too late - I was already with child! Anyway, the Psychic-Eye is HER special place. She goes there all the time, and everybody knows her. Well, she had her dad - my EX husband - take her there to get some stuff, and he did his usual crazy behavior - butting into the clerks' conversation, telling them they were bickering and hostile and had PMS and that was not fair because it was "inflicted" upon men... What an ass! Well, my child was so upset, she was in tears about her sexist, woman-hating father. After her apology to the folks at the Psychic Eye, she and I were supposed to go to the beach so I could practice taking portrait-type photos, using her for a model. But, she came down with horriffic cramps, and she had to come home and lie down and drink herbal tea and snuggle under a comforter. Oh, well. That was fun too!

It's validating on the one hand, to see her father do the things he used to do with me - to her. But, on the other hand, it's sad to see that he will ruin his relationship with his daughter too. I try and tell her that her father lives with great fear - fear of women (particularly strong ones), fear of intimacy (he is getting married next month, but refuses to live with his wife - she MUST be desparate) and the fear he experiences gets turned around into assholish behavior. He's almost been fired a couple of times due to his personality problems. He got divorced because of his personality problems. What next - getting shot? I only hope he is alone when it happens - and not with his child.

Tomorrow we will find out if my mom gets/likes her new apartment. I looked in the paper for one for my daughter and myself, and there are slim pickin's. I know that if I do the footwork, and stay spiritually fit, the place that is right for us will somehow appear. But, if it doesn't, my stuff will still look cute in a cardboard box!

I made coffee cake for the girls at work tomorrow. I hope it stays fresh tasting over night.


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