I sleep too much these days. Not during the week, of course - I have to work and be a mom. But on the weekends, I cannot seem to wake up until nearly 11 a.m.! I believe it is part of a depression I have been fighting with for a while. Since the news came down about my apartment and the possibility I may have to move. I have lost some of the emotional attachment I had with this place - but, not really. I love it here! It's perfectly located between my work and my daughter's school. We could walk anywhere we want to go if the car suddenly took a dump. It's a really wonderful looking apartment too. But, I keep trying to fall out of love with it - looking on the bright side of things - getting really "zen" about it - you know, when it's time to change, change comes... BLECH!

All that work has ended up with me refusing to clean my apartment, suffering continuous anxiety attacks, and depression.

So, I have decided to help myself at last. I began again, a good, excercise program to up my endorphins, and I am taking St. John's Wort to up my seratonin levels. Already the St. John's is working - I had great dreams last night, so I know I got plenty of REM sleep. I feel a little less anxious this morning too. (In other words, I am not as worried that George W. Bush will destroy all life on this planet in the next 4 years - and I was convinced of it not that many days ago. HA!)

For now, I'm just going to take this one day at a time. Keep my head down, and continue to trudge!


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