What am I doing up and thinking this early on a Saturday morning? Well, for one thing I have to get ready to do the box schlepping for my mom. This weekend is the BIG move! She's going into a little apartment across the street. YEAH!

Also, my kid uses the computer all night long - so by the time I get to use it, I'm too tired to write anything!

I checked my e-mails just now, and got one from my niece. Seems her Jesus Freak mom has been reading her e-mails. Now, I kinda check out my daughter's stuff now and again to make sure there's nothing going on that I can't put a stop to if it looks dangerous - and so far, she's proven to be the great and dependable kid I think she is. However, my ex-sister-in-law is something else again.

You see, I remember her when. I was there when she and my bro used to sell dope out of their kitchen! She and I went to see "The King and I" with Yul Brenner - and passed Cocaine to each other between the two stalls in the ladies room during intermission! I babysat her daughter, my niece, when she had to go into re-hab for her alcohol addiction. I was even there at the AA meeting when she set her cap for the old geezer she's married to now - while she was still married to my brother!

So, after fully developing her cultic personality in AA - and believe me, I am a card carrying member of AA and I've seen these types before - making AA one's entire life instead of just an important PART of one's life - but I digress - she joined this "Born Again" church. She's gone Steppford!

I used to be Christian. I went to Sunday School until I was 14 years old. I went to church every Sunday - vaction Bible School - 2 years of Confirmation classes. I know from Christianity. I sometimes wonder if these militant Christian types ever slow down their bullshit long enough to listen to themselves. They drive more people away than they "save". It's all about finger pointing, and whispering to each other about what is or isn't Satanic. Believe me - if there was a Satan - which - think about it - THERE ISN'T - that little devil would have a field day with these idiots! He could get them to do just about anything - just quote some old Bible verse out of context and they'll build an entire religion around it.

I feel very close to my Higher Power. He/she doesn't insist that I "believe" or be fried. My HP is not petty, or childish, or jealous, or hateful. I would never worship a God who behaves in the way the Jesus Freaks insist theirs does!

I think I'm done for now.


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