Okay, I'm back from moving my mom for today. I had to leave half way through to go to my AA meeting. I wouldda called in sick, but I'm the secretary. So, consequently, when I returned, I got a lot of flack for not working hard enough. Believe me - I worked!

I shared today about how strange my head has been acting regarding my mother's move across the street. I keep having these weird reactions - like I will come home and all MY stuff should be in boxes too. I guess I am more emotionally wrecked about the move than I thought.

Maybe it's because she lived in the apartment for 20 years - and I spent a lot of memorable times there - Christmases, my wedding reception, lots and lots of drinking parties - I even had sex in her upstairs walk-in closet one Halloween!

Then, there's the whole fear I have about when the owner of the building will be raising our rents - and how much will it be, and how will we live, and my head can go on and on until I have us living in a cardboard box on the street...

But, that hasn't happened yet. I do believe that God is watching over us with great care. Whatever will become of us, will be the thing that is supposed to happen. It will be exactly right.

I'm going to relax now. Maybe have some popcorn!


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