Ohhhh, my! My heart is palpitating like crazy today. I'm sure I should see a doctor, but, I can't seem to bring myself to go! Stupid me.

We finished moving my mother yesterday - but boxes are everywhere and she shows no sign of getting off her ass to unpack. I went over to her apartment on my lunch hour to let her know I called the phone company about her phone not working. She then told me she didn't have any food for lunch (not that she's disabled or anything - but she would be okay eating a turkey and mayo sandwich that had been sitting out all night!!! I told her she was nuts to eat rotting food - but, I didn't volunteer to go shop for her lunch today. She can get up and go to the market just like she could last week! It seems she has gotten used to being babied.... Uh-Oh!

I did have a pleasant experience last evening with a Christian man. (Who'd a thunk it?) He was one of the movers, and he took time after the move - at 10:30 p.m.- to help me make up my mother's bed! What a sweetie! See, now that's the kind of Christian we need more of. One who follows his savior by helping others and not just giving others a hard time.

I'm tired! Gotta go back to work now.


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