Just an editorial concerning the Chinese and our "Spy Plane". If the Chinese had been downed over US soil, our guys would be dismantling their plane and holding their guys hostage too. The only difference would be that our government would tell our people that we WEREN'T taking apart their plane, or holding their guys....

There's a woman by the name of Barbara who lives in my apartment complex. She and I do not get along, because last summer, she accused my daughter of stealing her cell phone. First of all, my daughter doesn't steal things - she doesn't need to - and second of all, this woman loses everything! We have found and returned her drivers license, credit cards, car keys - her 3 year old - and for whatever reason - she decided my child had taken her bloody cell phone. Well, you know, that just pissed me off. So, I had my first scream fight with her. It was fun! Anyway, she has an 11 year old troubled child - a daughter - and believe me this kid is trouble - an entire story for another time - but trust me on this - she's a nightmare. Anyway, the kid - Alicia - doesn't get along with her mom at all - and who can blame her? The mom is one of those "incomplete without a man" types and keeps dragging guys home to sleep with and move in with and breed with - and in the process, totally ignores the one person who needs her the most - her kid.

So, the kid has started acting out - calling 911 to tell them her mom is beating her and her sister. Then, on the advice of a neighbor, the mom put the kid in touch with "Boys Town" for some counseling. Well, the kid told them the same story and they called Child Welfare.

The story gets a little strange here - I'll have to investigate - but the mom says that even though they didn't believe the girl, they took her, and her sister away from the mom. They said it was because the girl is mentally unstable, and it will be 6 months to infinity before the mom sees her again... Sounds kinda fishy to me. Maybe the mom and her current boyfriend killed the girl - and have concocted this story for the neighbors.... Because I saw the mother this weekend, and she and her boyfriend were having a lovely time cleaning off the porch, washing the car, acting like they had not a care in the world. If my child were taken away from me - I would be pulling my eye teeth out! I would be so distraught! What a horrible thing to have happen!

Anyway, I'm going to try and investigate my theory. I'll let you know what I find out.


April 3, 2001

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