I'm hiding out in my house right now. The very first *tenants* meeting is supposed to be going on right outside my front door. I don't want to go. It's partly about my mom, and the way she was treated, but it's also that I so enjoy my isolation when I'm at home. I don't socialize with my neighbors, although I am friendly with a couple of them. I really dislike authority figures - management companies and apartment complex owners being two - and I guess this is just my little passive-agressive way of protest.

Besides, I ended up at the doctor's office yesterday with heart palpitations and high bloodpressure! The doctor and I concur that I have a really hard time working through stress and worry. I always have. I run scenerios around and around in my head, and have conversations with people and feel feelings that I don't need to be having at that particular time. Consequently, I experience a great deal of fear that I don't necessarily need to be feeling.

So, my good little Hindu doctor prescribed RELAXATION! Cool! I went to Barnes and Noble and plunked down $70 on meditation tapes and yoga videos. I haven't cracked them yet, but I intend to do so tonight.

He says that if my BP is still high next week, he'll put me on a low dose of a Beta Blocker medication. It supposedly will take care of my BP, heart palpitations and a lot of my anxiety all at once. I looked the medication up (thank God for the internet) and found that it has some pretty unsightly side-effects, like extreme fatigue, and temporary hair loss. UGH! So, maybe I should get cracking on that relaxation...

I have only so far, heard some coughing coming from outside my front door. Maybe other tenants have the same idea as me today...

Oh, yeah. That woman I told you about last week - the one with the *missing* daughter? Well, she didn't lose custody of her 3 year old. I saw her with her mommy last week. So, probably, Alicia is in some sort of Adolescent Treatment Unit. That might be good...


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