I got a Jackson Browne CD today. I also have in in an LP, but have no stereo, but when I was packing my mom, I found the LP and really wanted to get the CD - for memories sake.

And what memories it brings! I was living with my first roommate back in 1974, I think. Believe me, you never think of the present moment as the *good old days* until about 20 years hence. She and I played, and played. This was before sex could kill you even...

When I hear this album, I can remember so many things. I swear it was always summertime back then. I was 20 years old, and the entire world was my playground - and everyone was safe and friendly - We were college kids living on our own for the first time - holding down part time jobs at Sears and pizza parlors - just learning how to smoke cigarettes and mix fancy drinks in the blender - Tequila Sunrise - Margueritas - soon enough to become my own downfall...

Oh, and the boys! There is nothing so beautiful in this world as ayoung man in his early to mid twenties - absolutely NOTHING compares. Their skin is soft and wrinkle-free, their muscles are all at their best - and their energy level and enthusiasm will never again be equalled...

I saw Jackson Browne once in person. I was at the Tiffany's jewelry store on Rodeo Drive - around 1978. My friend was in the front part of the store and I was in the back room where they have the vases and knick-nacks (expensive, of course). Well, there was a young man sitting on a settee (ha!) wearing levi's and hiking boot-type shoes. I had plenty of Beverly Hills attitude that day, so when he looked at me, I gave him my most uppity look. A few minutes later, some people he knew arrived and I heard one of them say his name was *Jackson* so I looked again.... The same face that stared back at me from my favorite album - the one I'm listening to now - was on that same guy I had just snubbed..... If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all!!!


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