I just got off the phone with my little Hindu doctor. He says my thyroid is fine. Great! After years and years of hypocondria, it is good to find that my parts are in working order.

I dutifully reported that I am following his advice and relaxing away. I don't know if that is going to do my bloodpressure any good as just the thought of having it taken sends the adrenalin pumping through my system - which in turn elevates my bloodpressure... I'll probably have to take the medicine that makes your hair fall out.

I do notice that litte things tend to set me off on some sort of anxiety spiral. Like today, I had to do two personal chores - 1) Call my ex-husband's insurance company to request a duplicate insurance card for our daughter. Simple enough, right? My heart was just pounding! and 2) I realized that I hadn't gotten my car registration renewal from the DMV - and now it's overdue. Well, I freaked out thinking I was going to have to call the DMV, and they would be mean to me - (because they are mean people!!) and somehow this would all be my fault... But, instead, I was able to call AAA, and they told me I could just go get the car smogged, and come in to them, and they would take care of it all for me. That's $43 a year well spent!

I guess I need to really work in staying in the present moment. If I can stay focused on what is going on RIGHT NOW, I don't have to waste so much energy on worst-case scenerios and being in fear.

We'll see.

Alicia the Missing Girl Update: She apparently freaked out so severely that "Boy's Town" couldn't handle her and they placed her in a Psyche Ward. So, at least she's alive. I heard through the grape vine that the police were at her mom's house the other night at about midnight. Don't know the details yet. Maybe Alicia ran away from the Psyche Ward! My ex-mother-in-law escaped from a locked ward once. It can be done!

Oh, yeah. I have decided on my retirement area. I am going to travel all the freakin' way across the continent to the State of Maine to retire. I have just started investigating. The place is a *freezing* paradise!!! I'm SO in Love!


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