Ya know, there are things in your life that you NEVER think you will ever be doing. Well, I did one last night. I purchased my ex-husband a wedding gift. Boy, oh boy, that was weird. It was really from our daughter, but I helped pick it out since I was paying for it - nice pasta bowl - but it made me think that part of the stress I have been feeling lately must be due to his impending nuptuals.

Now, I don't *even* want him back (see previous posts concerning his obvious insanity), however, I suppose in some dark corner of my psyche, I still consider him "my" something. He's "my" former spouse. He's "my" child's father. He's the thorn in "my" side.... And now, he's going to be somebody elses something or other.

And, even though I know him well enough to be certain he's going to piss her off just like he pissed me off - and hurt my feelings, and alianated my feelings - It still bugs me to no end that he's being so good and attentive and sensitive to her right now. It brings up LOTS of resentments, and lots of bad memories.

So, I guess I'm carrying around a lot of excess anger these days. Maybe writing about it here will help get it through and out of me. Kinda seems like I'm wasting even more time on somebody I wasted years on already. (And don't think THAT doesn't piss me off!)

In honor of the upcoming multi-religious holiday, I am preparing a turkey with all the trimmings. We here shall feast for days! I'm also going to the marsh to take pictures of the new baby ducklings.


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