One minute more and it will be tomorrow. I sat down and wrote this cool entry - and then my computer froze so I got too pissed to write it all again. But anyway...

My ex-husband is leaving tomorrow for Hawaii to get married. I'm cool with that. Really. Weirdness is almost gone now.

But, the thing that is bugging me today, is that his fiance' gave my daughter a gift - pajamas - just because. I haven't really given much thought to the two of *them* having a relationship. My daughter usually only sees this woman at Christmas and miscellaneous family get-togethers. Now, it's little gifts. My God! She'll now be taking my daughter shopping and having little sleep-overs at her house! AAARGH!

Ater I process this, I will try to remember that she's a nice lady, and a school teacher (help with difficult subjects???) and possibly another secure plank in my daughter's foundation. Knowing who her father is, she will most definitely need one of those.

But in the meantime - It makes me feel all ooogy...

On a lighter note - I have been using the internet to look at properties in the state of Maine. I'm getting it all planned out in my head. The house (and property is sooo much more affordable than where I live now), the barn, the trees, the snow.... Just about 5 more years and I can say goodbye to all of this - I'll still be young enough to do some mini-farming/dairy stuff - my little one will be happily away at college... It'll be good.


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