Happy Sunday to all!

We are baking bread today. So far, we baked two kinds - Irish Wheaten Bread - no yeast required. It tastes like something old country crones would bake on an open hearth. It's tasty and heavy. Now, I have Cinnamon Bread in the oven - it smells wonderful!

I am preparing to write the owner of my apartment building a *nice* letter... Last week, I got a phone call from the management company lady who wanted to offer me an "opportunity". Get this: They moved my mom out of her apartment, and practically onto the street because the new manager wanted to live in her apartment. Now, the new manager wants to live in mine! It makes sense in one way, because my apartment used to be the managers apartment and is even connected to the office. They want me to move out of here, where I pay $750 and into an apartment in the back of the building where I would be paying $950 for six months and $1000 for six months - and then all bets would be off as far as rent goes. Gee, how grateful am I???

Anyway, dubious legalities aside, I am writing them to gracefully decline their *generous* offer... And, I am letting them know that since what they are in essence offering, is a rent increase of over 10% - in the state where I live, the law indicates that a landlord must give a tenant a 60 day notice of such an increase. Therefore, I am taking my 60 days. I also would like to add something to the letter that makes them nervous that I might sue them for something... But, I wouldn't, because my research indicates they are "legal" in doing what they are doing - however unethical or immoral. But, it is their karma. I would just love to be there when it gets doled out!

So, besides being anxious about finding a place that will work for us financially, locality-wise and pet-wise, I feel free for the first time in months. Free of wondering what that bitca would do to us. I don't have to kiss her ass anymore - or be nice to my neighbors either! That's a nice plus.


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