Okay - I'm a little edgy today. And ONE DAY before Secretaries Day I kinda got edgy with one of my bosses. Nice way to screw up possible flowers or gift certificate!

I'm edgy because I saw an apartment last night that I WANT really bad. It's nearly perfect. It's in my old neighborhood - the one I feel truly at home in - it's the perfect rent - It's darling! In WANT, WANT, WANT it!

The manager really liked my daughter and me. She said she didn't think we should worry about not getting the apartment - but my head and gut remembers too many years of bad fiscal responsiblity on my part. Too much wreckage of the past - credit-wise.

Nowadays, I take great pride in paying all bills on time, and being responsible. It's thrilling to me when I receive pre-approved credit card letters in the mail. I'm collecting all the different "metals" of credit cards, you know, gold, platinum - working on that titanium card now.

But from some place in my past, I still remember creditors calling, writing, and coming to my door at wee hours of the morning to collect debts. I remember having to walk down to the corner pay phone because for some reason, I couldn't seem to manage to pay my phone bill on time and it would get shut off.

Remembering all that stuff helps me never repeat it.

Anyway, I can't believe my seeming good luck - Thanks HP! You are a wonderful rental agent!

Also, today is the day of the yearly Monarch Butterfly migration up from Mexico, on their way to Northern California. A few months after I got sober, I was caught in the middle of the swarm of butterflies. They were so thick, it looked like leaves falling from trees in autumn! I was certain that it was some special little gift from God, just for me for getting off the sauce - who knows - maybe it was... And nobody that I knew saw them! Imagine that! People were telling me I was nuts until they saw the report on the nightly news about the butterflies migrating through town. Anyway, I heard about them this morning down in San Diego - and sure enough, there are quite a few beautiful orange and black butterflies all around this afternoon. Lovely!

New Buffy tonight, if I can stay awake until 8 p.m. Too excited to sleep!


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