I'm really tired. I think just worn out from all the emotional highs and stuff. Whew! Worked all day - Secretaries Day and got wonderful lunch with one of my bosses and pretty flowers from another boss. Nice haul all together!

After work, went to the bank to get a cashier's check for my security deposit, picked up my kid, went to the new apartment to drop off the security deposit - ran upstairs to look one more time - refrigerator hole looks a little snug... Oh, well. Too late - may have refrigerator in living room (!) Then, ran up the hill to take my kid to have her evaluated by her former psychiatrist to see if she has a depression. Well, this lady is good, but apparently never talks to her secretary - she had no idea why we were there and spent most of my $75.00 bs'ng with the kid about stuff - then, forgot we don't have the right kind of insurance anymore and wants to see her alot at $75 per session. Not bloody likely! So, I have to bring my kid back one more time so she can *properly* evaluate her. AARGH! I don't think my kid is really depressed in the classic, Prozac sense. She is just in serious need of a "best" girlfriend who sees the world like she does. Girls her age, unfortunately, don't get it the way my daughter does. Not yet anyway. We'll see how things develop.

SLAY ON BUFFY! (Oh, Spike, you have such a beautiful soul - for a soul-less dead guy....)

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