I'm stalling against having to throw stuff out and pack to move. I hate that part of it. So, today, my daughter and I went to the Redondo Beach street fair to see her father perform with his band. She doesn't get a chance to see him since he mostly plays in bars. It was good for everyone involved. From the stage, he does look kinda cute. It was curious to sit there and sneak glances at him from far away. It let me remember what ever the hell it was I saw in him to begin with.

This is the second day of my new anti-arrythmia/bloodpressure/antiadrenalin medication. It doesn't feel too weird, however, I have noticed a couple of things. First - my bloodpressure and pulse are now pretty low. I guess that's good. But, I was scared I would relax so much during my sleep that I would die. But, thanks to a car alarm going off at 1 a.m. and some dopey woman calling my number by mistake at 4 a.m., I didn't get to relax enough to die!

The other thing, the part I like, is that I don't get any adrenalin rushes. I really hated that part of my daily life - I guess it was kind of a chronic panic state I lived with. But now, like when the phone rang at 4 a.m. - I simply thought - "oh, something must be wrong" and answered the phone. Instead of nearly having a heart attack over it. And when I think of scary things happening - I simply *think* of them - I don't *live* them before they happen and get all panicky. So, I like that part.

Just a little worried about the whole - hair falling out part. But, we shall see....

I have to go to the market and do laundry and throw stuff away! I gotta! Damn!


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