I had to take a "mental health" day off from work. Not that I was going crazy or anything, but I had stuff to do that I couldn't do if I went to work so...

I got put on a Beta Blocker medication for my heart palpitations and "hypertension" last Friday. Saturday, I took my first pill and it wasn't enirely a bad experience. Weird not to have that old adrenalin feeling or my heart thumping in my chest all the time - but, my bloodpressure and pulse sort of bottomed out. Scared me. 116/65 and pulse of about 50, or 48. Didn't feel light headed or anything so that's good, but it scared me. So, today, I only took half a pill. I wouldn't have taken any at all, but the literature says not to abruptly stop taking it because bad things could happen. What bad things I don't know, but I didn't want to take a chance.

Anyway, my doctor is out until Thursday and the nurse said she didn't want me to screw around with that low a BP so she asked a cardiologist on call about it. He said to continue to take 1/2 pill until I can see my doc on Thursday. I guess I should be okay if I drink coffee all day to keep my BP up. Work adds enough stress to my life to make my pulse race anyway.

So, I guess if I don't die - I'll write later.

Oh, yeah! Today, while I was goofing off and watching old TV shows - I caught the episode of Northern Exposure which featured my favorite vampire James Marsters as a priest. How lucky am I? He is such a little cutie! Wonderful actor too.


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