I am writing this while sitting in a chair that I assembled all by myself - at a computer table that I assembled all by myself. I have good self esteem because of that.

I am having a cup of hot chocolate, eating a cookie (so much for the diet) and gazing out my picture window at the kid roller-blading/racing her dad across the parking lot of the Little League field next door. Past the field is a nice park, where my daughter is wandering about until 7:30. Oh Yes. We've moved!

It's like camping, or, I think maybe living in the country - or as close to it as the city gets. Outside this window, in a tree that I think is a eucalyptus, lives a rather large family of mockingbirds. The babies are really tiny, but already flying around. Yesterday a crow was trying to bother them, but mockingbirds can kick the ass of a crow any day. I really love the crickets at night. I had forgotten how loud they are. My daughter says they are like "white noise" and make it easy to sleep. That I wouldn't know. I haven't slept for a couple of nights. The first night, my female kitty was feeling needy because of the move, and kept crying and asking to be consoled all night. Then last night, she was feeling much better, and was using my head as a sping-board! About 4: 30 a.m. a picture I had hung came crashing off the wall, nearly giving me that much anticipated heart attack, and then, all kinds of early morning noises began. I didn't know if it was the paper-boy, someone leaving for work early, or an axe-murderer coming in the back window!

I intend to SLEEP tonight. Hear that kitty????


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