Happy Sunday. It's drizzling outside, and grey. I swear, it's like camping here. The Little League'rs have taken the weekend off, so it's extra quiet. Nothing but birds, people walking their dogs, and the occasional car driving by.

I've let my kidlet sleep extra late, partly because its sooo quiet, and partly because I need to examine my Buffy the Vampire Slayer obsession, without interruptions.

Now, I will begin with the admission that I am totally obsessed. Not a proud moment. But, as we all know, admitting the problem exists is the first step.

I don't know what it is yet. I never got into Star Trek, or Xena, or any of the other genre-type programs. Maybe it's the vampire stuff. I have always loved vampires since I caught a glimpse of Bela Lugosi giving some blonde a hickey in the first Dracula movie. Verrry sexy stuff, probably witnessed at some impressionable age...

Anyway, I really lost my mind yesterday. My kidlet and I went into a comic book store (she's an amazing anime artist) and they had lots of BtVS stuff! I am pretty Spike specific in my obsession, so I bought a Spike candy bar and a refrigerator magnet, AND, (this is the sickest part) a Spike Action Figure doll with lots of swords and cool accessories. IT'S AWESOME! Most humiliating of all - the total geeky nerds who work in the store - you know the ones I mean - were completely supportive and understanding of my obsession...... AAARGH!

Okay, I'm sick. I need a 12 step program for this. I can see it now... "Hi. My name is Milkmaid. I'm a Buffyholic." 20 pimply faced, head-gear wearing, never been laid, 30 year old's reply "Hi Milkmaid!" *sob* *sniffle*

What's to become of me???

Oh, well.


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