On a more pleasant note, I have a new sponsee. Never in a million years would I have thought somebody would come to me for any kind of direction. Now I have two! Well, sort of two. My first sponsee hasn't called me in a couple of weeks. With her it could mean everything is fine and she is just not in the mood to work steps, or he's really been taking advantage of her and she doesn't want to hear the tone of my voice (that I barely try to hide anymore, or she's pissed because she called me the day I was moving and wanted to bend my ear for an hour (her average time of b.s.ing)having absolutely NOTHING to do with anything remotely program - and I was busy unpacking, moving, getting cable installed etc. and couldn't call her back for her gabfest. I probably should call her just to find out what's up...

My newest gal is going to go with me to the local AA convention this July. She wants to "bond". How cool!

I think I will try to work better with this new one and learn from my mistakes with the first. Maybe be a bit more assertive, and not be so easily gotten over on. Yeah, right...

But, I'm happy that I now am beginning to have my very own MINIONS!!!!


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