I'm looking out over my neighborhood. It's so quiet here, all except the crows. Kind of misty - they call it the "Marine Layer".

Yesterday, the manager of our accounting department sent one of those chain e-mails out to quite a few of our employees. She does this alot. Usually, I don't mind, because they are more or less entertaining. But this one really got my goat. Maybe I was overly cranky -I actually had to work for a change and that always pisses me off - but, I got pretty offended by the e-mail. Let's try and sort it out, shall we?

The message started out alright. Christian in nature. I don't mind Christian based stories, even though I am not a Christian myself. Been there. Done that. Got the tattoo. But, after the little uplifting beginning, it started in with the "those who don't do what the bible says", and "even the devil himself believes in God" and some kind of challenge to be a martyr for Jesus by sending religious e-mail to everybody we know. Bllaaaaaugh!

I think that modern-day Chrisianity would have a much larger following if some of its followers didn't find it so necessary to annoy others. I mean, it's not such a bad religion - Loving one another and all. It's just all the finger pointing that gets to me. And the cult-like, Us vs. Them mentality.

In my humble opinion, it matters not one whit to whomever/whatever is running the universe WHAT humans believe. I refuse to believe in any kind of higer power that would eternally burn the creatures He/She created with so much loving detail just because they didn't "believe". That's silly.

Plus, I would NEVER want to spend eternity with the bunch of holier-than-thou representatives of the Christian faith I encounter these days.

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