I awoke this morning to find a gigantic spider hanging above my head on the ceiling. Just hanging there, glaring (don't ask how I know that) at me with its hundred red eyes. I had to get up, put on shoes, get the broom and swoosh it into the middle of the room - then turn on the light to see where it ran so I could kill it. I have this deal with spiders and the like. I won't mess with you if you stay outdoors. Come in here and your ass is mine!

Well of course, the thing disappeared before I got the light on and my two fearless cats just huddled together under the table. Cowards! Now, I have to wear shoes for the rest of the day so the spider won't crawl up my leg when I'm not looking.

A friend asked me yesterday why I haven't been mentioning my life's dream of moving to Maine and buying a little dairy farm for a while. I guess it's because I haven't had as much stress lately, so I don't need to obsess as much about a time when my life will be calm. I still do intend to have the farm - really small farm - 3 Brown Swiss cows, a few goats - a little garden where I can grow enough fruit to make jam, and enough veggies to impress myself. And, I can pass the time making wonderful, gourmet cheese - even though I can't eat cheese, I still love the idea of it! Sitting beside a warm fire on a cold winter's night; with a cat in my lap, and a dog at my feet. Bliss. Sheer Bliss. When I am an old, retired lady, and my daughter is away being Felicity at NYU, I will have this dream.

But, right now, I don't need to be there in my head as much. And that's really good.


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