Tomorrow is an important day in our lives. Fist of all, my little kidlet graduates from Middle School. How amazing is it that I should have a daughter old enough to graduate from anything? And in spite of her ADHD, and really strange parents, she's managed to stay on the Honor Roll all four quarters this year, and interract with other kids (nice ones at that) in a more or less positive way. Except for the torturous little bastards who bothered her all 3 years... Your Karma will take care of you my pretties.

AND - I have my yearly physical exam tomorrow! It's the one day that somebody with credentials tells me I am not dying of anything. I ask about all my lumps and bumps and growths and whatnot, and the doctor reassures me that nothing is wrong. It's a beautiful thing. Then, about two days later, I start in again with the neurotic preoccupation with my own imminent death.

But, not tomorrow! (Unless, the doctor finds something suspicious........ yikes!)

I was changing purses yesterday and I thought how weird it is as you grow older, the things you put into your purse first, as the most "important" things change. Used to be lipstick, credit cards, cigarettes, diaphragm... Now, it's heart medication, asthma inhaler, nail clippers. Geez, pretty soon I'll be packing a spare pair of Depends in there!

My ex-husband and his new bride will be at the graduation. I am going to look really good. I bought new sunglasses (think Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis), a new handbag and gorgeous open toe shoes with 2-1/2" heels (very Sex and the City). I only hope I don't catch one of those heels in a divit and fall on my ass!


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