The graduation went well. My kidlet looked wonderful in her graduation gown, and underneath she looked terrific in her party dress. Her hair even looked good (it should have - $50.00).

The Stepmom and I got along famously. Or, I thought we did... She, on the other hand might be a whiney crybaby - we'll find out. I did my best to be friendly and inclusive. I might not have jumped to offer them a place to sit, and she ended up asking if they could sit with us - but, I didn't know what their sitting plans were. Other than that, I can't think of a thing she could bellyache about. I took lots of pictures - me with my cool looking Nikon - I love my camera sooo much. I took pictures of her hugging my child, pictures of the group Grandpa, Dad, Stepmom and Graduate - geez, come to think of it, I'm only in 2 pictures! AND, I was the one that got them into a photo with just dad, stepmom and graduate. It was like that Julia Roberts movie for God's sake! Except for, well, I'm the Mom character, not the Julia Roberts character, and, best of all I'M NOT DYING OF ANYTHING! Yay!

I do still have to visit the nurses office weekly for bloodpressure readings, and I do have a tumor on my leg.. A FATTY TUMOR! I wonder if that's what's growning on my ass! Maybe it's not really as fat as I think it is!

Anyway, I knew for a while there was something going on with my leg. I was just afraid it was something fatal. I guess a little fat won't kill me. And, I don't have to have it taken out unless it starts to grow very fast, or gives me muscle cramps.

It's Summer! No taking the kidlet to school for three months! Woo Hoo!


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