I saved a bee's life today. I guess now I will become a bee goddess - or a really big queen. I've always dreamed of becoming a queen!

This dumbass bee came into the apartment from the sliding glass door. I left the door open so the cats could wander in and out. It makes them feel cool to think they have freedom...

Anyway, this dumbass bee comes flying in, and realizes it's made a crucial error, but can't figure out how to get out again. It keeps bashing itself against the walls and windows.

I'm eating my dinner, watching all this chaos.

Finally, the bee discovers the doorway, but gets stuck in between the glass and the outside screen.

Well, I coulda just left it at that. It might have gotten out, and it might not have. But, I kept watching it struggle - it's little feet loaded with pollen.

Finally, I couldn't take it any more. The bee was exhausted. And I was getting a neck ache from all the suspense. So, I went out on my porch and pulled at the screen door. (Of course, the door came right off the runners, and now we look like trailer trash). But, the little bee was finally free! It flew back to the hive - without it's pollen, but with a great story to tell!


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