Woo Hoo! I just remembered something fabulous! It's July! It's Summertime! It's the beginning of the County Fair season!!!!!


It's too late to get to the Del Mar fair, but in 2 weeks it'll be O.C. Fair (mostly breeding bulls) and coming up in September - the one - the only L.A. County fair. (Dairy Cows.) Big, beautiful, sweet smelling bovines! Ohhh. I lourve summer!

I do have the challenge of convincing my kidlet to go to both fairs with me. She's not all that excited about cows. If I can convince her that a two-days of fun and frivolity weekend (Knotts Berry Farm on Saturday/O.C. Fair on Sunday)is just what she's needing - then, I can do the fair without guilt. Yeah. That's the ticket. Sum-Sum-Summertime!!!!

Today I spent $239.00 on my car. It was sort of bucking and bolting down the street. Needed a major servicing. Thank God for plastic. If not for credit cards, I swear, I might be living in a cardboard box. (Because of them, I may still!)

And, I sent an e-mail to the dirty old man, and explained my position, and requested that he back off with the sexual remarks. Simple enough. Got an e-mail in return, apologizing if he made me feel uncomfortable. Said he thought we had reached a "safe" place. Huh? "Safe"? To talk dirty with someone you hardly know??? Some men's brains are really twisted....

SLAY ON BUFFY!! (you woulda kicked his ass)

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