I'm tired. I feel all sticky. I should go to bed soon, but there's that peanut butter cup ice cream calling to me from the freezer...

I went to the opening of the big AA convention tonight. The speaker was awesome! There was even a bagpiper!

I usually get all psycho over this convention. Only an alcoholic like me can turn an event with 2500 other people into something that's all about me. I fuss and fret over what to wear, and who might or might not see me. About 3 o'clock this afternoon, I started in. I needed a nap to clear my complexion. I needed a haircut. I needed a new wardrobe and the loss of 20 or so pounds.... And then, all of a sudden, it hit me. Just go home, wash the face, put on something incredibly comfortable and enjoy yourself. Nobody is going to even notice you. They never do. It'll be fine. I did. It was. And, as I was wandering all over the hotel looking for my kidlet, two very nice looking fellas took the time to smile at me, and say hi, and ask me how I was. I said "good" One of them said "you look good". Ohh my gawd!

Then, we came home, and took advantage of the full moon. My kidlet and I went over to the little league field, and did a couple of spells for love, friendship and contentment. It was cool. I only hope we aren't evicted for practicing witchcraft. 'Cause they don't burn us at the stake any more... do they??


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