We survived the Anime Expo. 'Nuf said.

I haven't ever been to a genre thingy, so it was educational. Lots and lots of people dressed up as their favorite characters - people with wings, dressed in lab coats, Sailor Moons too numerous to count, Goku's up the wazoo - I am waaay too uptight to fully grasp the joy of role playing, but, I can certainly respect it.

Now I know what to expect when we go to the Fangoria convention in Pasadena next month - my kidlet and my niece and me. We're going to see my man Spike!!! James Marsters is the special guest - along with Elvira, along with that guy who played Jason in Friday the 13th. I will not be dressing up for that, of course. But after today, my kidlet might. She thought it was pretty cool.

On the way home, we had a horrific adventure. We almost ran over a 2 year old!!! This little kid was standing all alone, right in the middle of a busy street. I had to slam on my breaks to avoid killing him! Then, I stopped my car on the diagonal, in the street, so nobody could go around me in case the kid decided to run for it - and my daughter jumped out of the car, and dashed over to the kid, and took him into the apartment building he was in front of. She said the kid's dad came out - looking (I hope) ashamed, and took the kid back home.

I know accidents happen all the time - but how somebody could let their precious little child get that far away from them is so beyond me. I nearly had a stroke!

It's sooo good to be home. I am putting my feet up, turning on the cable, and chillin'!


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