So as for this latest Paul Poundstone update - I do have somewhat of an expert opinion - being a formerly drunken person myself...

At first, I was pissed that she would run into a rehab center with the coppers hot on her trail. I see a lot of people, freshly bruised from their alcohol related car wrecks come running into an AA meeting, crying about how they really want to "get this program", and at the end of the meeting, they ask the secretary to sign a paper documenting they were at the meeting so as to look responsible when they go before the judge. Funny, these desparate souls hardly EVER come back.

But, then, I got to thinking about how fun it is to take your clothes off when you are wasted. I used to do that a lot! One night, I thought it would be really sexy to run outside naked in the rain. Only one problem - we lived in an apartment building... My former husband had a real challenge getting me clothed and under some kind of control.

So, it coulda been one (or apparently several) of those wildly, impetuous events that got her kids worried and grossed out enough to ask for some help.

Ahhh, the drinking life. It's ALL SO GLAMOROUS!

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