A very kind soul, thank you evilpirate wrote in my guestbook today, and gave me an important HTML code so I can link to other diaries when I refer to them. Woo Hoo! I'm gonna go CRAZY now!

I do have to refer to one diary, as it was the catalyst for this entry. I love to read other people's ideas about things. It gets me thinking, and feeling creative. I was reading this diary today, and it got me going about my "midlife crisis"...

In my opinion, my own legendary and infamous fall from grace was a combination of a couple of things - first, I believe that at about 40-something, our gonads squirt out one last, giant shot of whatever hormones we have left - putting us right in the middle of another adolescence ( and remember how sensible we were then?). I believe that happened to me, because, one morning, I woke up and the only thing on my feeble mind was SEX!! I was a walking, talking, slithering, hootchie mama! And that could have been a wonderful and fulfilling stage of my life, had it not been for the other factor influencing my midlife crisis - that being *THE STUFF THAT GOES ON IN A MARRIAGE THAT NOBODY ELSE KNOWS ABOUT*.

You see, at that point, I had been married for 10 years, and for about 9 of those years, I hated and despised the man I had promised to love, honor and cherish. Our relationship went south 4 months into wedded bliss, about the time I became pregnant. In the state where I live, they perform manditory testing on pregnant women, in order to gather statistics, and to find out if certain birth defects are present in the fetus. Well, I flunked one of those tests twice. My OB/gyn told us that most likely, my baby had a condition called Spina Bifida and she might not be able to walk, or she might even have some other, brain-damage stuff. I needed to have an amniocentesis to be sure of what was going on, and they scheduled it for a couple weeks hence. As you might well imagine, my nerves were pretty much shot at that point.

I'm going to have to do another entry for the rest of this 'cause it's getting long-winded

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