Back to my sorry midlife crisis tale:

So, in the two weeks we had to wait for the amniocentesis, my dear, selfless spouse, took it upon himself to send away for information on how horrible it is to raise a disabled child. He left these leaflets and pamphlets around the house - on the coffee table, on my PILLOW, you know, in case I hadn't considered the possibility that things just might get a little rough. He also began pushing enthusiastically for me to have an abortion, so "we" wouldn't have to worry any more. He had regular abortion pep-rallies - with our morning coffee - a lunch hour phone call from work - a nightly reminder of how I was ruining his life - Yeah. It was a beautiful thing to be me.

I just wanted to find out if there was damage, and if so, how much?

Long story short - I had the amnio, and the baby was completely fine. We don't know why I flunked those tests. However, the marriage was left in tatters. The wreckage had been too much. Although now, we had this wonderful little baby we both loved. So we made the best of a bad situation - and we looked GREAT. Little house with a garden, couple of cars, church on Sunday, you know the drill. But we were very unhappy people. And then the day came when I awoke, full of hormones and having had no nookie in the last 3 years - neither one of us had wanted any from the other - I had a burning desire to a). kill him b). kill myself or c). find something "fulfilling" to do with my life.

Okay - part 3 coming up

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