I'm updating at work, how BRAZEN. I just had to add this entry, because something happened during my lunch hour that made me soooo angry. With myself.

I'm standing in the check out line at the local supermarket - got a couple of wrap sandwiches and a couple of sodas,and a Vanity Fair magazine - on my way home to eat with my kidlet. There's this man in front of me in line, who out of the blue, starts talking to me. He asks "You know what they're going to call the Clinton years?" I look over at him. He's about 50. 1970's Game-Show Host Hair. NO UPPER LIP. (This seals the deal on my previously noted theory about ultra-conservative men having no upper lip. I am so looking into the out-breeding of conservativism, as it is obviously genetic. No Upper Lip = Right-Wing Wacko.

Anyway, this guy says this thing about the Clinton years, and I just looked over at him. He says, "They're going to call the Clinton years, Sex Between the Bushes. Mwahahahaha!" Like he'd just thought that one up, and then he said some more stuff about President Clinton and how he'd be lucky if that was all they called them.

I got pretty angry, but not necessarily at that guy. I got angry with myself, because time and time again, people with bizarre political or religious ideologies seem to think it's okay to blab their stuff at me. I don't look like a facist! I mean, I have a tattoo! And, today, I was dressed like a commune refugee - all long and flowing skirted. Do I have to get my nose re-pierced???

The thing is, I don't say anything back to these people. I just stand there, dim-witted. And I spend a lot of time thinking about all the cool stuff I coulda said back... It makes me angry.

I'm going to have to find some good comebacks. Just simple stuff to begin with. Like, "Dubya Sucks!" or "Blow Me!" ought to do.


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