He might have been the one. I let him slip through my fingers - superficial slut that I am. The Borders romance that never was...

There I was, sitting in the photography section, reading a fascinating book about Tourettes Syndrome (don't ask) when HE sauntered in. Good looking. Nice hair. Interested in photography (me too), nicely dressed, including cool leather loafers without tassles (yeah baby). He even spoke to me, and was quite pleasant.

And, then it happened. He turned around to look for a book, and faced away from me.

His ass was as big as mine!

Oh! The Humanity!!!!!!!

See, this is true irony. There is a man at my work who has the big ass of a woman. Not his fault, sure. But, not a day goes by when I don't notice that ass and cringe.... And, I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility for the Universe to place the potential man of my dreams directly in front of me - with that same big ass...

I went out trolling for men, and returned with a very big karmic lesson. If I am going to wish for someone to put up with all my less than perfect stuff, I'm gonna have to do the same for somebody else. (But, please, not that big womanly ass, okay??)


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