We ended up at the beach today, my daughter and me. We hadn't intended to go there, so we couldn't stay too long. Lack of sunscreen and all would have turned me into a lobster.

My daughter had wanted me to take her to a place up in Palos Verdes where you walk down a steep hill to get to the actual ocean, and then walk back up the hill to get to the car. I'm all over getting down, but back up makes me irritable. Plus, she was just there with her dad a few days ago. So, instead, I pouted and bitched my way out of that little field-trip, and I took her instead to a beach I hadn't been to in about 25 years.

At the junction of Torrance beach and Palos Verdes, there is a stretch of beach called "Burnout". Nothing special about it, except maybe it's a little cleaner than the rest of the area, and there is a nice little snack bar.

As I sat in the sand, watching my young girl jumping and splashing in the waves, I thought back to a certain Easter morning a long time ago. My boyfriend had invited me to a family get-together at Burnout. We ate scrambled eggs and drank champagne, and as the two of us walked the beach, hand-in-hand, I knew he would be my destiny, as only a 17 year-old girl can know such things.

I was wrong about that. As it happend, my true destiny lay with that golden-haired girl, twirling on that same beach, all these many years hence.

It was a beautiful day.


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