I've got a repeat Buffy over my left shoulder - pardon me if I turn around from time to time - in case Spike is nekkid again...

I watched the DVD "State and Main" tonight. I really liked it. I had forgotten it was a David Mamet film - Ohhh I Love David Mamet's stuff - well, the four I have seen anyway. My personal favorite is Spanish Prisoner. So many twists and turns. And House of Games is twisty too, and suspensful and so very clever. Gosh, I can't think of the name of the other one I like - I keep thinking Boola -Boola - it's really a two-person play made into a film - set on a college campus, with William H. Macy as the professor, and some actress I've never seen before as the pain-in-the-ass co-ed. Anyway, it's all about political correctness, and harrassment. Having seen it twice, I took his position the first time I saw it, and her position the second time. It was interesting, as I had two totally different experiences watching that film. I wish I could remember the name... I especially enjoy the way Mr. Mamet usually has his characters speaking in a kind of clipped, rhythm - like spoken music almost.

So, as for State and Main - it's different from the other Mamet stuff I've seen, but it was very funny. And the main group of characters were just such shits. Though I didn't feel it necessary to root for them, and I still got to enjoy the movie. Yeah. It's good.

Oh, Glory is going to beat the crap out of my man Spike. I gotta see this AGAIN.


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