I have to go back to the supermarket. I got somebody elses groceries in with mine. I knew that checker and that boxboy were chatting it up a bit too much... And, it's cool stuff too. A LARGE bottle of extra virgin olive oil, and a half gallon of ruby red grapefruit juice. I tried to rationalize keeping the stuff. You know, the countless times I had my stuff given away by absent minded boxboys - The fact that when I return the stuff, Ralphs will just re-sell it and make twice the profit (that one almost worked). However, I am a firm believer in Karma. I've seen it work too many times to doubt it. It's not my decision what Ralphs does with the merchandise. It is only my job to return it because it's NOT MINE. Very frankly, I can't risk bad karma - I'm too far in debt for anything to go horribly wrong now. I can't afford to fix anything....

On a lighter note, we saw a Heron walking past our apartment last evening, right around dusk. This is amazing, as we live in an actual city - and right here, we have so much nature. Hawks, crows, finches - now Herons, squirrels, skunks, mice, spiders. I'm sure it came either from across the street where the city has a water drainage project going, and there's a big foresty gully - or it came all the way over from the marsh across town. I've seen Herons and Egrets there a lot. But, right in front of my home - now that's something else!!!

Well, I've had my lunch. Now it's back to Ralphs.


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