Well, things turned out better with my daughter and her dad than I had expected. Whew! I didn't have to jump right in the middle of his back after all.

Apparently, he is having some trouble adjusting to living in his new bride's home. He waited three months after the wedding to actually move in with her - that shoulda been a clue right there - but it appears she has some rules that are difficult to follow... What? Don't wipe your ketchup riddled hands on the armrests of the sofa??? Please use a drawer/the closet to put your clothes in and not the floor??? Don't leave the entire week's worth of soda cans on the coffee table??? Gee. I just let him do all those things - maybe that's why our marriage lasted as long as it did...... HA!

Change is difficult. Plus, he and his brother aren't speaking now. Not since the wedding, when his brother and his brother's girlfriend tried to ditch the bride and groom, and spend one romantic evening together (it was Hawaii after all). Well, the bride was "offended", and, the brother's girlfriend was "hurt" when the groom yelled at her, so now, the two men (??)are being pulled apart by their women... It would be funny, but my ex's best friend in the whole world is his brother, and because he let his little bride decide that he should be offended along with her, he can't make things right with his brother (plus, his brother wants my ex to apologize to his woman, for yelling at her and making her cry, and apologies are few and far between with my ex... So, my ex gets to be crazy with nobody to talk to. And my daughter gets dragged into the whole, unhealthy mess. Families are sooo great, aren't they?


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