Okay, I'm gonna have to make this a quicky - gotta file and clean up the office as my long-distance boss will be here tomorrow for a meeting...

I sometimes listen to that horrific Dr. Laura - I don't know why - maybe because the people who call her are so sad it's funny. If they think just like she does, why do they bother to call? - They already know what her answer will be. And, if they don't think just like her - God Help Them! I pretty much know not to listen right after the hour, as that's the time she uses to push her political agenda - like today, before I switched her off - she was blathering on about some article in the US News and World Report - something about boys - Now, she didn't read from the article itself - she read from a critique of the article in the National Review!! Don't think for yourself - let some talking head tell you what the article said, and how you should feel about it...

Anyway, I digress. Some 18 year old girl called in to find out if she was "morally obligated" to report a molestation that had been perpetrated on her three years before. The good "doctor" said yes - and then proceeded to compare this girl's molester with Congressman Condit. HUH??? How in the world did she make the leap from a child molester to a smarmy older man, who had an extramarital affair with an immoral grown woman???

I don't get how somebody whose entire career is based on pointing out moral character defects in others could have missed the big "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness" commandment she broke today???

I guess once again, it's okay for her (nekkid pix anyone??) and not for us...

SLAY ON BUFFY!! - You know, 'cause Dr. Laura just might be a demon...

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