Tonight, I returned to a women's AA meeting I haven't been to for about 5 years. Not since before the divorce, or separation even.

I attended this meeting for years, but then one of my classes was on that night, so I told the women in my group I would be back after the quarter was over. 5 years is a pretty long quarter...

I went tonight because one of the women I sponsor needs to attend a "women only" group. She has some trust issues with women that she needs to work on, plus she tends to get distracted by the attention she gets from the men in a mixed meeting. I certainly can relate to the last part. So, I suggested we go to this meeting together. Wow! I felt like I had never left. I didn't know most of the women there - people come and go so quickly in AA, but there were some friendly, familiar faces. It was good.

Coincidentally (see, I don't believe in coincidences) the topic was on prayer, and the power thereof. And, my sponsee is just beginning her second and third steps - the spiritual ones. So, she got some good input and some good ideas from the other women. Me too. I forget more often than not to start my day off with a prayer to my Higher Power which simply asks for his/her/it's will in my life today, and the power to carry it out. I used to do that every day. It's amazing how centered I can be with just that little beginning to the day.

Yep, it's real ego-boosting to get attention from the men in a mixed meeting. But it's much more fulfilling to be with my sober girlfriends.

SLAY ON BUFFY!! (Even your re-run death made me weep...)

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