Today is the 15th anniversary of my wedding. Well, technically, I guess I don't get any more anniversaries, but, it still sticks with me - you know? I was so excited that day, and so happy. And my wedding was perfect! Oh, well. Better luck next time!

Tomorrow, I am having company. This is a big deal for me. Having people, or a person in my home that is not a blood relation. It wasn't always so big a deal. Years ago - before the perfect wedding etc., I used to entertain quite often. I would have these big dinner parties, and make some complicated recipe that I'd never tried before, and it would be good. And, the company would be fun, and the night would be fun, and I would be relaxed and enjoy myself.

I'm not sure exactly when all that changed. It could be that my former husband was extremely anti-social, and we had no "couple" friends to invite over, or it could be part of my general anxiety/panic disorder... At any rate, after a while, I just got so out of practice, or afraid to have people over, that I just didn't. Couldn't do it.

I decided that I would attempt it, little by little. About a year ago, I had three ladies from work over for lunch. It was nice. They liked it. And, since I have been living here, I had two women come over, just to see my new apartment. They didn't hang out for a long time of course, but it was a nice ice-breaker. Then, my sponsee Lori came over to see the place, hang out for a bit and bring us some fresh oranges - and that was nice too.

Tomorrow, my other sponsee is coming over to work on her steps. So, I said I would serve up some brunch - homemade scones with blackberry preserves, lemon curd, some fresh fruit, juice, freshly ground coffee or English Breakfast tea. I just love to cook, and I hardly ever get to eat scones, so this is a good thing for me in more ways than one.

This will be my longest visit with a "stranger" in a while. In a way, I'm looking forward to it. It'll get me over the hump so to speak.

Gotta tidy up now.


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