Had dinner at the mall. Mall food is wonderful... Cheap, no cooking, throw away your stuff when you are done and keep on shoppin'.

We were going to go early school shopping for the kidlet, but ended up at Barnes and Noble. I picked up a couple of novels. I hope I have the attention span to read them! I have been reading so many non-fiction, instruction-manual type books lately, that I'm not sure I can just let my imagination go. I hope I can, because my balcony is just calling my name. It's set up for a good weekend afternoon read. Plants all around, not too much sun, comfy chairs and a little side table just big enough to hold a glass of iced tea.


I don't know what got into me today. I said something to one of my bosses (the proper one of course...). I had printed out a copy of a wonderful meatloaf recipe from Badsnake's woman, Deb's "Comfort Food" recipe journal. I can't wait to try it, it's got chiles! I had scribbled on the page "Lesbian Meatloaf" - don't ask me why, I just did. My boss saw the page, and made some smart-assed remark about "being okay" with whichever way I might swing or something like that. I said that it looked like it would taste wonderful - to which he snickered, and har har'd, and said he wasn't going to even "go there". Then I shot back with "I guess it was the addition of the TUNA" that made it so good. He didn't have a THING to say after that.

I guess you had to be there...


Yesterday, I had fun for a couple of hours, arguing with some dumbasses on a posting board regarding whether or not to physically punish children, and what that might teach them.

I'm pretty much against all physical punishments myself, and very vocal about it. I have a little theory. I believe that so many of our young people end up acting like animals, because their parents started them out by beating them like animals! I don't, and haven't hit my kid, except twice when she was about six years old. Once for the time she said the "N" word - a smack on her butt, and the time she hit the cat in the head with a stick - a smack on her butt (now that was just stupid. Teaching her not to hit - by hitting her. Duh). I really didn't like the way it made me feel to hurt my child. So, I decided that physical punishments were not going to be a part of our relationship. She's almost fourteen now. She's an Honor Student, and so far she's a really nice kid. Well, lots of other folks on the posting board disagreed with me. They insisted that fewer parents beating their kids could possibly mean the downfall of America. But I stood my ground, and felt pretty good about it.

I got an e-mail today from some guy who claims to be a DA in Alameda County. He told me he agreed with me, and gave me nice validation. Wow! (I wonder if he's cute...)


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