Okay. This is it! My One Hundreth Diary Entry!

I should write something profound, but I really don't want to place that much pressure on myself. I'm feeling delicate.

All I really want to say, is that I Love Diaryland! I am so happy this site is here. I so enjoy reading how other people are living their lives, and how they think and what they feel. Screw Reality TV. This is the Real Deal right here. I also love having a place to put my own stuff. It's very theraputic to be able to spew forth whatever I am going through - (I am noticing a certain "negative" theme to my entries lately - I would like to figure out what that's all about...)

Oh, and before I forget - Neuroticgirl! They DON'T serve the Decaf Frappuccinos only at the little Starbucks island at my supermarket. They have produce clerks and boxboys working the Starbucks coffee bar, so I guess it's way too complicated for them to figure out. The real Starbucks DO have the decaf. (I couldn't find your guestbook on my screen or I would have put this message in it. I have the world's oldest, darkest, creakiest monitor...)

Anyway, we're off to waste $20+ on seeing Scary Movie 2. Ahhh Quality Time with the family...


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