Lots of excitement here today. Just down the street from where I work, there was a murder - or a double murder, we're not sure yet. If you live in a big city, these things happen all the time, but here, in this formerly sleepy little community - this is pretty cool! Two or three of the Los Angeles news channel vans are parked down at the end of the block, and I was sorely tempted to honk and wave as I drove past them to lunch - but, that's just soooo tacky!

Tomorrow is the Pagan holiday, Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-Nah-Sah), it is almost literally translated as Funeral Games for the (Irish) God, Loo - but has since changed to be a "first harvest" kind of festival. I have to go off to Whole Foods tonight and pick up stuff with grains and corn, pears, apples, and grapes. Also, freshly baked breads are a tradition. So, dinner tomorrow will be fun - not to mention full of FIBER! Ohh those wacky pagans!!

Murder update as soon as I hear anything...

SLAY ON BUFFY!! (jeez - maybe Buffy did it!)

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