I had a fun encounter last night with a German tourist. I was at the supermarket (again) because I had forgotten to pick up toilet paper. I have gotten into the bad habit of forgetting toilet paper during my normal shopping run, and then, mid-week, I have to go back and buy it - along with $30 more stuff... So, last night, I went in and bought 8 rolls.

Anyway, as I'm choosing my paper, this cute young guy - waaaaay too young, and resembling Marc Blucas of Buffy fame - asks me if I can help him (immediate fantasies do come to mind, but I shut them down) - he says the last time he was in the States, he purchased some pancake mix (apparently, Germans don't make pancakes) and when he got back home, he wanted to make some, but they called for a measurement in "cups". They just don't have these "cups" back in Der Fatherland.

So, I herded him around the store, prattling on about the metric system, until we found the measuring cups that had the "cups" on the one side, and the ml's on the other. He was so happy - now he can make pancakes!

I've done my part toward world peace. I can sleep well tonight.

I also picked up some photos I had left off to be developed. One roll was from my daughter's graduation, plus the rest of the roll I had shot down at the pier, and another roll I had sitting around for a few months that I shot at the marsh during spring.

I am amazed at how much better my photos have gotten in just that short amount of time! I could tell that I am really starting to see like a photographer. I got a couple of beauty shots of the ocean - all backlit, with the sun bouncing off the water like so many diamonds! Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm! And, it's not just blind luck any more. I can remember thinking about the shots, and guessing that they would turn out like they did. I can't wait for the next creative wave to come over me. I love the idea that I can capture a piece of time, or beauty, forever.


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