I'm hungry. The big bowl of Irish oatmeal I had an hour and a half ago is not sticking with me. I think that's partly because lately I have been eating as if there were going to be no consequences. Like my butt wasn't going to blossom into the huge ass it has become... Gotta get it together, and soon. I was going to go for a walk last night, but I have vertigo from my Meniere's right now, and being nauseated out on the street doesn't seem that appealing. After I quit spinning, I'll get back out there.

This is our first day without any dairy products. I decided to do a 2-week experiment after I read Alternamommy's gruesome milk info.

As a future gourmet cheese maker, I stand at a sort of crossroads. On the one hand, I am grossed out by the amount of "pus cells" that the US Government allows in our children's mainstay drink - however, knowing what I know about how dairy cows are raised and treated by agribusiness - it doesn't surprise me at all. Those commercials we have running about the happy, California cows is such b.s. Dairy cows - except perhaps organic milk producers - generally spend 24/7 standing in line, inside a building, next to other cows, being milked constantly, given hormones to trick their bodies into believing they have just given birth, sick with God only knows whatall, given anti-foaming agents and antibiotics - which is one of the reasons we have so many antibiotic resistant bacteria now - Ohh I could go on, and on (wait, I just did...)

On the other hand, my cheese and milk will have none of that. I will have "happy cows" working for me. Glorified pets, if you will. And, in the meantime - after I finish this experiment (if I decide to go back to dairy) - I will still try and go "organic" whenever possible.

It's tragic, really - the horrible stuff we take into our bodies. Oh Boy! Lunch is coming up soon! Yum! Blech!!!


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