When you look up the word "stupid" in the dictionary, you should see my face looking back at you.

My daughter, her cousin and I, have been planning to attend the local Horror Convention for months now. The principal reason for this was to get a gander at our man James Marsters up close and personal. We lourve James Marsters. So, today, I decided to get the tickets on line. Went to the website. Plugged in my info. Gave Credit Card number. Hit - "Submit Order". Then, and only then, did I realize I had just purchased three tickets for the WRONG DAY!!!!! James Marsters is only going to be there on Sunday, not Saturday, which is the day I picked - Stupid Me!!! Such a scream escaped my lips that my office mates were concerned for my health! I nearly had a stroke, because the confirmation said, very plainly that the tickets I had just purchased were non-refunable. So, I called the phone number and asked if I could switch them - simple mistake - simple fix. But no. The heartless bitca on the other end of the phone said they couldn't switch them because I should have been more careful (or at least that's what I heard her say). She said I could either go on the day I purchased the tickets for, or hold them and exchange them for another convention at another time. Waaaaaa!

I called my brother (my niece's dad) and told him the sad news. He said he would get tickets for his daughter and himself, for the correct day, because she was probably never going to speak to me again if he didn't. Then, I called my own daughter. She said she didn't give a crap about James Marsters anyway - she was actually happy I screwed up, because Clive Barker (her idol) was going to be there on Saturday, when we would be there.

So, except for the fact that I am still reeling over my careless and stupid mistake, I guess everything is going to be okay... (except I won't get to see JM... sniffle, sob, sniffle).


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