Woo Hoo! This is the first day I have awakened, and the world was NOT spinning! My vertigo seems to have left for the time being. Ahhhh!

And, it's Friday - so that's cool in and of itself.

My plans are to get some actual work done today - no lurking on the net, reading diaries, looking up odd diseases - geeze I gotta get a hobby or something... Then, off for the weekend. And, I don't have any plans! I love not having to do stuff. No amusement parks to cruise - no no-show scone brunches with my sponsee (who incidentally, seems to have temporarily chosen her MAN over her PROGRAM. Okay, we'll just have to let this one play itself out.) Maybe the kidlet and I will go and see Rush Hour 2. Personally, I would much rather go see the new Angelina Jolie/Antonio Banderas film. The idea of those two geeeorgeous people, together on the screen - well, I only hope the theatre has a FIRE EXTINGUISHER...

I recently joined a new Diary Ring - Pets-R-Us, and I am going to need to add an entry about my very own pets. So, there's a reason to live if I ever heard one. That's what I'll do after I finish my work today - I'll write about my lil buddies.


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