Oh, yeah. I forgot. My cat, Malcolm-X - he just LOVES to watch - and I'm not kidding here - Dexter's Laboratory! He watches Dexter every morning during the school year. My cat is sooo smart!

And, in my previous entry about my pets, i forgot to mention that at one time, I had ten Zebra Finches in a huge cage in my front room. I finally had to get rid of them. I got super bad asthma from their dander. Couldn't breathe a lick at home, up all night coughing and hacking.

I started out with just one pair of finches. They were so in love with each other that they began to multiply. Finches are great that way. Then, I had to buy mates for the ones who didn't like mating with relatives... That's how I discovered that homosexuality is completely natural and normal in nature. Some of my guy finches preferred other guy finches. It didn't appear to be a kind of "power struggle" thing. They wouldn't just have sex with each other and then leave. They preened each other, and talked quietly to each other - just like the hetero couples did.

That's why I get all fired up when narrow minded individuals start in with the "it's not normal" talk. Yes it is. I saw it with my own eyes!


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